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The hosting service offered by Kivial allows a complete management of your internet domain, with the possibility of reserving and maintaining 'parked' domains, re-directing them towards already active websites, using them as domains for electronic mail only (with no need to create web pages, but using the domains only as a reference for your e-mails), or activating them completely (service for managing the website and the electronic mail).

Excluding the 'parking’ service, each domain includes an alias system such as it sends any contacted address on the domain (e.g.: to an e-mail of choice indicated by the client, so that no useful contact is lost.

Purchase packs are available to increase the number of defined e-mails and their re-direction, as well as additional services to customize your space at best (customized scripts, custom-made statistics, and access to on-line databases).


Statistics on the visited websites, provenance of the visits, and search keys used by visitors of the website who are directed thereto from search engines, are released daily by our servers on pages of the client’s website with restricted access.
Thanks to new and liberalized regulations, which have been recently approved, it has been made possible also for businesses with no offices in that country to register domain names with a Chinese extension...

Those who already own a domain or website and wish to transfer its management to Kivial are offered a service of transfer. Kivial takes care of all the documents and contacts necessary for bringing the client’s domain onto its own server.
Searches aimed at tracing the possible existence of domains. Registration of domain names under any possibile extension.
Complete management of domain packs. Recovery procedures of domain names.
Website hosting, electronic mail domains. Housing.
Creation of Websites in HTML, PHP and Macromedia Flash technology
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