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Statistics of access to the website

Through a software which analyses the visits to the website, our servers release daily statistics on the access to the web pages in a protected area of the website, and they provide a first statistical analysis of the visits.

Among other things, these data concern the provenance of the visits (internet addresses and nationality), details regarding the days/hours of major access, the number of visited pages, as well as the number of 'real' visits, the most visited pages and the statistical estimated time spent visiting the website.

A particularly relevant possibility is to verify the search keys used by visitors that are directed to the website from search engines.


Kivial searches a client’s domain name under all the 243 worldwide extensions and among all the available domain names that contain the client’s trademark or any key-word referable thereto.
A few days ago the Community regulations related to the .EU domain names were published. The registration of these domain names is reserved to companies and individuals residing in the European Union. The claims to a trademark...

The hosting service offered by Kivial allows a complete management of your domain, with the possibility of using it as a domain for electronic mail only and re-addressing it to other already active websites...
Searches aimed at tracing the possible existence of domains. Registration of domain names under any possibile extension.
Complete management of domain packs. Recovery procedures of domain names.
Website hosting, electronic mail domains. Housing.
Creation of Websites in HTML, PHP and Macromedia Flash technology
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